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Zoom download windows -Previously, Zoom had also released Zoom Version 5.2.2 (45108.0831) on September 1, 2020. This means that within about 1-week Zoom will release its newest version again.

Of course, this latest Zoom release has a lot of updates to Zoom features in a better direction.

For those of you new to Zoom, maybe new to Zoom. Zoom is a communication application that makes it easy for us to conduct video conferences, especially in the current situation we are required by the government to continue to work from home.

Zoom is an application developed in America by a businessman…

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Zoom is an application that is widely used this year because people are required to work from home.

That’s why the crowd chose Zoom, and for your information, more than 500,000 institutions have subscribed to Zoom.

Zoom Version 5.4.3 (58891.1115) Feature

Many of the features offered by Zoom include the following:

  1. Zoom is available free and paid
  2. Free zoom offers video conf for 40 minutes with the number of participants up to 100 people, after 40 minutes of video conf, and you can repeat video conf again and so on.
  3. Zoom has a recording facility, which can be used to record webinars or video conf.
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Zoom 5.4.2 is here! For those of you who use video conf or video call applications like Zoom, you want to experience a new sensation in video conf or video calls, you can try an application like Zoom which is also called Webex Meeting if you want to try,

Please Free Download Cisco Webex For Laptop, Click Here.

What is HIPPA Video?

The Video Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) is the premiere Telemedicine live video calling platform. HIPPA videos are designed to address the needs of medical providers as a top priority.

HIPPA videos make the application of telemedicine into your clinic…

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Download Zoom Free Version 5.5.2 (12494.0204) For Windows 10 — Zoom is an application that can be used for video calls or video conferences. Zoom can be used on Windows, Linux, iOS, macOS, and Android operating systems.

Zoom is a widely used application at this time due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has hit the whole world, forcing people to work from home.

Zoom was founded by Eric Yuan, who is an American businessman, Eric Yuan once worked for Webex cisco company.

Zoom is also widely used by universities because universities require their students to study online remotely.

Similarly, lecturers…

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Download Zoom Rooms Latest Version. Previously, you should not make the mistake of differentiating between Zoom Meeting & Zoom Room. If at Zoom Meeting you only need a laptop with a camera & microphone, Zoom Room requires even more complete tools.

Zoom Room A intended for conducting meetings that require both face-to-face and video calls so you need certain tools to use Zoom Room. Simply put, Zoom Room can change the meeting of two different rooms as if they are in the same room.

Meanwhile, Zoom Room is a meeting room solution for video conferences. Zoom Room has an additional…

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Download Zoom Version 5.5.1 (12488.0202) — Client for Meetings. With all that is walking around today, increasingly more physical occasions are taken to the digital world. The method interaction and also collaboration are made has changed fundamentally, both in the individual and also the business atmosphere. From simple video calls in between 2 good friends to rundown conferences, webinars, and training sessions or customer-oriented occasions, all are currently on-line.

Zoom is one of the most popular and also extensively used video conferencing as well as partnership software program devices, and also permanently factor. It provides one of the most trusted…

Zoom 5.4.3 Video Conferencing for Telehealth
Zoom 5.4.3 Video Conferencing for Telehealth

Zoom 5.4.3, Video Conferencing for Telehealth
Increase the quality of care and build engagement with modern video communications

Improve patient outcomes Expedite hospital staff and specialist collaboration for patient care with real-time video communications.

Maximize your resources Utilize the resources and hardware you already have to expand your capabilities and telehealth offerings.

Boost internal communications Foster collaboration and face-to-face meetings, training, and recruiting with participants in any location.

Compliance and security
Multi-layer security with AES-256 encryption

Patient waiting room
Providers can see who is waiting while maintaining patient privacy.

Integrate seamlessly with Epic Launch a video visit directly from the…

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Zoom Version 5.2.0 or Higher For Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 — Zoom is one of the applications for video conferencing or video calling. Zoom is a free and paid application, can be monthly and annually.

  • Zoom can be used on Android, macOS, ioS, Windows, and Linux.
  • Zoom is one of the most widely used online video conferences and meeting apps in the world during the COVID 19 pandemic.
  • Zoom has chat features that help you to get in touch with friends and hosts as well.
  • Zoom also has the feature of scheduling meetings, creating meeting invitations, and recording…
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Zoom Download Free — The latest news for you Zoom users, Zoom has re-released its latest version, Zoom 5.4.6 from the previous version, Zoom Version 5.4.3.

Zoom 5.4.6 Download
Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (Zoom) is a United States communications technology company headquartered in San Jose, California.

The company provides cloud computing P2P-based online videotelephony and chat equipment services that are used for teleconferencing, remote work, remote learning, and social networking.

This service is provided free of charge for video conference meetings and video calls for up to 100 users, with a usage time limit of up to 40 minutes.


Zoom 5.4.2 Download For Windows
Zoom 5.4.2 Download For Windows
Zoom 5.4.2 Download For Windows

Zoom 5.4.2 Download

I’m going to show you how to include your zoom meetings easily with one click on your google calendaring when you’re setting invitations go ahead and log out of every Google account.

That you have and only log in to the one account you want to add zoom in to open up a new web browser and then go to the google workspace marketplace search for zoom for g suite click on zoom 5.4.2.

And then click install hit continue and select your google account that you want to continue to add zoom into allowing the permissions…

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