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Download Zoom Free — This halo Arifin here with cookie monster stegosaurus and Mr googles with others zooming tutorials on features requested a lot of room escape choose, so if you are not familiar with the rooms breakout in the zoom.

They allow you to divide the larger meetings into smaller sub-assembly where participants can only see, and hear the other person in the room was a breakout.

So it kind of like breaking up in small group discussions physically around the table in the larger class allows small group activities or group work that would otherwise be difficult in a larger zoom setting where people will continue.

To talk to each other now met while this feature is nice that previously had problems in which participants can only be assigned to rooms either manually or randomly by the host no way for participants to choose.

Or move between rooms itself a new update on the zoom version 5.3. 1 them to do this so that in this video I’ll show you how right now as your host will create room breakout by selecting the room keys breakout in the bottom.

Toolbar after you update to zoom 5.3.1, in addition, to set automatically and the radio buttons to manually set you will have a third to let participants choose the room so.

I will select it and say I want to make two rooms breakout then click create which will bring up a list of my two rooms that were just named room 1 and room 2 by default.

But you’ll notice that you can change the name for example, one use I’ve heard recommended for rooms runaway in office hours is to create space for a variety of problems that students may have questions about.

For example, some students may have questions about issues 3 and some students have questions about eight homework so that you can change the name of this room is corresponding.

So that students know where the breakout room to join now you will see that even though I have chosen the option to let students choose which room my manual still people assign to the room as the host for example.

I can click assign here and I will set a monster cookies for space to problems 3. I also can come down to a choice, and if at any time I want to disable the option to allow participants to choose my room.
Can uncheck the box that here you will also see the selection that I have a box to automatically move all participants are assigned to rooms breakout checked so that.
When I click to open all the rooms cookie monster will be moved to the room assigned automatically but other students will be given the option of rooms that joined after I clicked on that button you will see I get a list of all students.
Who are currently unassigned and students are in every room I can join one of these rooms if I wanted to, but I’ll set the right host for stegosaurus, so you can see what’s up with the appearance of the room as from the perspective of a student.

So I have made stegosaurus my host now meeting participants routine so this is what your students would see they still can join the room breakout by clicking on the room keys breakout down at the bottom.\

You will see the only difference here is that they do not get a list of which has not joined the rooms yet but they could see who’s already in the room so if they want to go with their friends or they have certain people they are supposed to work with them.

To see that the list of people here click joined so I’ll click the button to join to get a confirmation pop-up asking me to confirm that I wanted to join the room This click yes it will take a second to load and then will bring me to the breakout with only cookie monster.

So, that I can no longer see or hear the people in the main meeting room or in the room another breakout, if I want to switch to a room runaway my different can do so by clicking the button breakout space select a different room, and click on join.

Now there are many other details about the breakout rooms such as how to talk and share their screen and recording work I do not go to cover the people in this video is really just about this feature self-select new again.

I have a playlist with a group of tutorials zoom others, including one of the rooms runaway in the description below this video so that you can check that out hopefully, this feature is useful.

I know something that many people have asked along with things like rearranging gallery view or multi-pin and video lighting multi-point I also have a tutorial about if you have any questions or comments or suggestions for other tutorials, please leave a comment below this Blog thanks Up next.

I got information on the Zoom website, that Zoom has released its latest version, Zoom Version 5.3.2, in October 2020.

The latest information for your loyal Zoom users, Zoom has released its newest version, Zoom Version 5.4.1, if you want to Download Zoom Version 5.4.1, Click Here.

Zoom has released its newest version Zoom 5.4.2 for Windows, if you want Zoom version 5.4.1 download, click here.

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